be YOU with DC7

We’re constantly in awe of the human body, especially our largest organ, skin! The average person has around 300 million skin cells that renew every 28 days, which is a lot of surface area to protect.
At Dr. Cure 7, we’re all about timeless skincare essentials that fit seamlessly into your day, so that you can get out there and focus your energies on the things that are most important to you. Making your skincare routine sustainable and easy is paramount to keeping it consistent. We’re happy to share some of our favorite ways to start building a skincare routine that is unique to YOU.
No matter where you’re starting on your skincare journey, there are a few simple ways to dive into skin health that begins from within. 
  1. Adjusting your diet // Including delicious foods that are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (like walnuts, salmon and flax seeds) can help reduce inflammation and add structure to the skin cells. Other foods like bell peppers, sunflower seeds and kale are jam packed with vitamins and antioxidants that can help smoothen skin and improve overall appearance - besides being delicious for overall health!

  2. Focus on hydration // We all know it can be hard to remember to drink enough water in the day, which also affects the texture and overall health of your skin. We absolutely love ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and rose flower water to deliver intense hydration. Our Hyaluron Intensive Serum has everything you need to start hydrating!

  1. Consistency // In order to truly see results with any skincare product, you need to stick with it for about two weeks. This allows your skin to adjust to the product and give it time to deliver results. One exception is our Healing Melting Masque, which helps visibly improve skin texture and tone with just one use - the secret is to leave it on for 2-4 hours to allow it to really sink in. Our Liquid Barrier Enhancer is a time-release method which amplifies the effects of our nutrient-dense formula over time.

At Dr. Cure 7, we believe that top-notch skincare should be accessible to all, and these simple tips can help you start building a routine that promotes radiant, youthful skin.